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INTRUDER ALERT RED SPY IS IN THE BASE a red spy is in the base?! hutututut PROTECT THE BRIEFCASE we need to protect the briefcase! YO A LITTLE HELP HERE?! alright alright i got it stand back son 1 1 1 uuuuh 1 lets go lets goINCOMINGGGG AAAAAAHHHHHHHhey its still here alright then ahem gentlemen i see the briefcase is safe safe and sound yeah it is! tell me did anyone happen to kill a red spy on the way here? no? then we still have a problem and a knife oooooho big problem ive killed plenty of spies theyre a dimeadozen backstabbing scumbags. like you! ow no offense if you managed to kill them i assure you they were not like me and nothing nothing like the man loose inside this building! what are you president of his fanclub? no.. that would be YOUR MOTHER what the where did aheuh indeed and now hes here to FUCK US! so listen up boy or pornography starring your mother will be the second worst thing that happens to you today ooh GIMME DAT the spy has already breached our defenses AH SENTRY DOWN you see what hes done to our colleagues oof AAH OOUH HYAAAH AAAH and worst of all... he could be any one of us he could be in this very room he could be you he could be me he could even be- WOAH WOAH WOAH WUH what? it was obvious? hes the red spy! watch it he'll turn red any second now........ anyyy second now.. see red! oh wait thats blood so we still got problem big problem alright whos ready to go find this spy right behind you

Hiya! Welcome to my silly little corner of the 'net! This is a personal site dedicated to my interests and whatever else i feel like adding X3 It was coded on a 1920 x 1080 laptop using firefox idk if that changes much but if things look extra broken thats why

a lot of things are under construction right now, so things may not work/they may be broken. I'm working on it tho!

I hope you enjoy your stay (^^)!

- Teddy

site last updated: 11/15/23

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